The Ohio Players-HoneyIf you were listening to Spyder Harrison  on [listenlive id=”484″]SUNNY[/listenlive] tonight, you may have heard him reference the urban legend of the Love Rollercoaster scream.  It’s quite a story for the #1 single by [lastfm]The Ohio Players[/lastfm], but unfortunately there’s no truth to the myriad of rumors surrounding the song’s infamous scream and it’s link to death.  Take a listen to the scream:

The rumor that a woman was killed to achieve the high-pitched scream was first reported by Casey Kasem when the song sat atop the charts in 1975.

There are plenty of different takes on the story though.  One says that the scream of a woman who had been killed earlier was looped into the recording session.  Another story has it that Ester Cordet, the Panamanian-born Playboy model who appeared nude on the album’s cover, had been burned badly while being slathered with the titular honey, stormed into the studio during the recording session threatening to sue, and was subsequently stabbed to death by the band’s manager while the recording was being made.  Hard to believe anyone fell for that one since Cordet is still alive, but remember, that was way before the internet and a world of information at your fingertips.

Perhaps the craziest story goes that a rabbit was slaughtered outside during the session and the sensitive equipment picked up its eerie scream.

Band member Jimmy “Diamond” Williams laid the rumors to rest when he addressed them with this:

[pullquote quote=”There is a part in the song where there’s a breakdown. It’s guitars and it’s right before the second verse and Billy Beck does one of those inhaling-type screeches like Minnie Riperton did to reach her high note or Mariah Carey does to go octaves above. The DJ made this crack and it swept the country. People were asking us, ‘Did you kill this girl in the studio?’ The band took a vow of silence because you sell more records that way.” credit=”Jimmy “Diamond” Williams”]

It’s an urban myth that continues to thrive, finding its way into current pop culture like the movies Urban Legend and the final chapter of the original Final Destination series.

[lastfm]The Red Hot Chili Peppers[/lastfm] covered the tune on the Beavis and Butthead Do America soundtrack.

And now you know!

Listen to Love Rollercoaster at

Check out The Red Hot Chili Peppers version below.


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