***BREAKING NEWS*** – Osama Bin Laden Was Not Buried At Sea

Osama Bin Laden’s body was not buried at sea as we were led to believe by the White House.  The infamous terrorist leader’s body was taken by CIA aircraft to the United States after being killed, according to RT.com.

Leaked emails from intelligence firm Stratfor detail the high priority and Top Secret plan to transport Bin Laden to the U.S. as reported by WikiLeaks.

Fred Burton, the V.P. of intel for Stratfor believes the body was, “bound for Dover, [Delaware] on [a] CIA plane”  for a brief period of time, then “onward to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Bethesda [Maryland],” as he claims was written in a government email.

“Officially” the White House claimed that Bin Laden was killed by Navy Seals on May 2nd of last year in an Al-Qaeda raid on their secret compound in Pakistan.  That is where the Bin Laden was hiding out, almost in plain sight.  He died in a covert operation under cover of darkness, or so we thought.

After Bin Laden died, President Obama told America and the world that the Al-Qaeda leader was buried at an undisclosed location at sea during a proper Muslim ceremony in honor of Muslim traditions.

In another email Burton wrote, “If body dumped at sea, which I doubt, the touch is very Adolph Eichman like. The Tribe did the same thing with the Nazi’s ashes.”  Eichman, aside from Hitler himself, was one of the Nazis who masterminded the horrific Holocaust slaughter of millions of Jews during World War I.

Eichman was allegedly, captured by Mossad agents in Argentina, taken to Israel, where he was tried and found guilty.  According to “records” he was executed in 1962, and his body was cremated.  The ashes were supposedly scattered at sea over the Mediterranean.

Ironically though, countless numbers of people claimed that they were Eichman in the months after his capture and subsequent trial.  The body was never seen after his reported execution.

Burton continued in another email, “The US Govt needs to make body pics available like the MX’s do, with Osama Bin Laden’s pants pulled down, to shout down the lunatics like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck,” Burton wrote.

Burton goes on to say that Bin Laden’s body,  “is a crime scene and I don’t see the FBI nor DOJ letting that happen.”

WikiLeaks began publishing Burton’s emails last month.  The information was obtained via a computer “hacker” group known worldwide as “Anonymous”.  It is reported that they acquired over 5 million, secret and/or classified documents.

Strafor is known by many media outlets as “Shadow CIA”.  They work with several U.S. government agencies and many large businesses here in the United States and rely on paid tips from insiders placed in high circles in business, government organizations and security agencies throughout the globe.

So far, there has been no response from the White House.


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