Is It Time For Females In The NFL?!

Much like Danica Patrick did last week, yesterday, another woman made sports history. It was Lauren Silberman, a New York native who tried out for the NFL’s  New York Jets as a place kicker.

Lauren, though she’d never played football, did play competitive soccer for a “club team” and with the help of a coach, thought she could “transfer” her kicking skills (much like many male soccer kickers had before her) to the NFL. There is video that shows that she had been kicking pretty well in a controlled environment with no pressure.

However, during training this past week, she injured her quadriceps muscle and didn’t fair very well at the Jets’ NFL open combine tryout Sunday.

She kicked twice. Neither of her kicks went 20 yards. She walked off the field, disappointed and likely a little embarrassed, after so many women’s hopes hung on her right foot. Sadly, she wasn’t able to put her right foot forward, as you can see in her actual tryout video.

It made news, much like Danica Patrick winning the pole at Daytona. She finished 8th at the Speedway. EVEN THAT made news! A woman finished in the Top 10! However, she was passed by several cars in the final lap…dropping from 3rd to 8th. If women want to play on a level playing field, then THAT’S not news…8th?! Who finished 8th at Daytona LAST year? That’s what I thought you’d say…Do these women ONLY get the attention because they’re attractive?! Would we even notice them if they weren’t? Would we give them the opportunity if that was the case? And when men “drool” over them and women complain, why don’t they realize that Danica is sponsored by “Go Daddy” and has used her “femininity” and “sex appeal” to get male fans, and sell the product that sponsors her.

So, is THAT the “sudden death” for females in the NFL? Was it more a “publicity stunt” than a legitimate tryout? Is there hope for females in the NFL from someone, anyone else out there? Probably.

All that said, brings us to today’s Paco Poll questions. Tell us what you think in Today’s Paco Polls now!


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