Potential New California Law Would Prohibit You From Smoking In Your Own Home

Years ago, we didn’t have to wear a seat belt, no state had laws forcing you to wear a helmet on a motor cycle. Many people, myself included feel that the government continues to dig further and further into our private lives and dictate what we can and can’t do…I believe if we keep this trend on its trajectory everything we do will be controlled by “Big Brother”.

Before I get into the details, let me just say that I don’t and never have smoked…anything. I’m just your basic straight-laced boring kind of guy. That being said, here’s the latest on the ever-growing intrusion of the Feds.

There’s a California Democrat Assemblyman who’s trying to push through a bill that could become a law that would prohibit anyone from smoking in their own home.  Here’s how it would work. If you live in a condo, apartment or a building where your domicile shares walls, floors, and/or ceilings, you would not be allowed to smoke in your home, or anywhere in the building.

The HuffingtonPost.com site reports that Marc Levine (D-San Rafael), believes, “Californians should be able to breathe clean air in their own homes,” Levine said in a statement. “In apartments or condominiums, whenever a neighbor lights up, everyone in the building smokes with them. This is especially troublesome for children who have no choice but to breathe the secondhand smoke of their neighbors.”

Though sales of cigarettes has dropped approximately to 45% of what it was thirty years ago, the impact of the bill reaches further than the sales or tobacco, or the desire Americans have to purchase or even consume the product. To many citizens, it’s about their rights.

When abortion is the topic, women argue that the government CAN’T tell them what to do with their own body. However, when New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg got a law passed which made it illegal to purchase sugary drink larger than 16 ounces, no one made the argument that the government could tell us what to do to or with our own bodies. The law passed.

Why now, can they tell us we CAN’T smoke in our own homes?! Take today’s Paco Poll and tell us what you think.

By the way…I STILL think that if I DON’T want to wear a seat belt…the government doesn’t have the right to make me do so.


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