Paco Poll: Is It OK To Re-gift A Present For Christmas?

One of the biggest questions when it comes to gifts is, “is it ok to re-gift a present.”  To a man (or woman) every single caller I had answer my on air question said, “yes, it’s ok to re-gift.”

It’s really not so cut and dry.  There may be a reason for you to re-gift. This holiday season, you may get something you either already have, don’t like, can’t use or think someone else could be better served having it.  Remember, it’s not just Christmas.  There are also celebrations, Kwanza, Hanukkah, and 3 Kings Day (January for Latinos) to name a few where presents are exchanged.

I had a lady who called and said that last year her husband got a very nice bar-b-que set, but, they couldn’t use it because they live on the third floor of an apartment complex where they don’t allow grills on their balconies or back porches.  So, they gave it to their son, who has a house and could actually use it.  Now I bet if you got a BBQ set last year from your folks, please don’t ask them…I’d hate to think that I started something!

Anyway, my follow up question was, “have YOU ever re-gifted?”  Everyone also said that they had.  Then, my next question was, “are there any guidelines to “re-gifting?”

There were a few different answers.  Here are the Top 3.

1-Don’t re-gift it to the person who gave it to you.  Well, thank you Captain Obvious…LOL.  Unless that is, that there is an inside joke going on.  Which has been known to be the case in some families.  Especially with fruitcake.

2-Don’t let anyone who saw you open the present see you – re-wrap it.

3-Make sure you didn’t “use” it.

So take today’s Paco Polls and YOU tell ME what YOU think about “regifting”.


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