Are You Giving The Best Impression?

One of my favorite quotes is on my Twitter: “There are people in your life who you unknowingly inspire simply by being you.” ~Unknown. Too often we forget that we make an impression, good or bad, with just our first hello. I know for me, I make it a point to treat everyone the same and treat them the way I would like to be treated. Are there people that don’t realize they are leaving a bad impression? I find that difficult to believe, but according to one article, these humans do exist.

Elite Daily’s blog of the “7 Things You Accidently Do Every Day That Ruins People’s Impressions Of You” points out that some people may be clueless that they are leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths. It isn’t always easy to know what you’re doing wrong, but there are some things you can look out for. Things that influence people’s impressions include:

  • How you voice your opinions – We all have an opinion but how you opine will affect how others view you. For example, acting as though your opinion is the truth and forcing it on other people is a pretty big turn off and we all know one of these persons! Ugh.
  • Checking your phone – Again, we all have one of these person’s in our lives…they’re so important they have to check their phone non-stop. One word: RUDE.
  • Handling rejection – Rejection is difficult but how you handle it is what separates winners from losers. If you’re someone who flips out at rejection it’s bound to affect how people see you. Instead, maybe inquire calmly as to why you were rejected. Calmly.


  • Reacting to a change of plans – Sure it’s a bummer when plans change, especially at the last minute, but if you overreact to it nobody’s gonna want to hang out with you ever again. Being flexible about a change will relieve the stress others may feel and makes you more likable.
  • Handling blame – How you handle things when something goes wrong says a lot about a person. Taking responsibility, as opposed to blaming others, shows that you don’t need to be seen as perfect. When I get called on the carpet by the boss (Rick Stacy) I fess up when I’m at fault. It’s what adults do.
  • Conversing with others – The tricky convo with others! People will form impressions of you based on what you focus on during a conversation. People could get bored if you focus too much time talking about the past or future, while not dealing with the present. Plus, if you talk too much about yourself instead of listening to others you could have a problem. It’s not a two way conversation when only one person is talking and not listening.
  • Dressing yourself – Sorry but your clothes do send a message. If you dress like a slob, that’s how people will see you. If you put too much of an effort into what you wear, some may see it as a costume and not really who you are. When it comes to clothes, be yourself but also be mindful of your surroundings. Common sense right? Well, you’d be surprised how some people are missing that gene or jean!

So while being yourself is always important it’s also important to know that in our world today everyone is watching you closely and sometimes your behavior is caught on camera. I honestly strive to be the best me I can be everyday just in case I unknowingly inspire someone.

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