To Shower Or Not To Shower? That Is The Question…Yuck

Okay, right off the bat just reading the headline “How Often Should You Shower?” I knew INSTANTLY I would disagree with the findings of the study. Guess what? I was right.

So according to this “study” if you shower every day you may be harming your body. WHAT?!

A blog found that there is evidence to back up the concept “that too much showering disturbs the human microbiome — a collection of bacteria, archeae, viruses, and other types of microbes living in and on your body.”  Uh, ew. However, apparently the “collection” helps our immunity, digestion, and even our heart. Theory is if we bathe too much, we strip away these much needed microbes.

According to science, when your body begins to be “offensive” it’s because you’ve messed up your systems. The people who go “shower free” say that the funky body smell will eventually disappear once, and I quote, “your body adjusts.” Okay, for the second time, uh, ew. Actually I equate this with getting accustomed to your own smelly dog in the house and no longer smell his odor but it hits your friends nasal passages the minute they walk in. Ooh, yuck.

So what do dermatologist say about all this non-bathing and what it does to our skin?  Well the doctors actually agree and say that our obsession with showering is more of a cultural thing than a health thing! Okay but what if you’re a construction worker and sweat all day then I would think a daily bath is required, right? The good doctors say, yes; however, if you work in an office or an environment where you’re not sweating up a storm, showering every two to three days would suffice. Hmm, questionable I say.

While I’m all about taking care of the skin, in fact Rick Stacy teases me because I’m not a big fan of the sun, I am however a big fan of smelling clean and not offending the airspace of those around me! And I appreciate it when my coworkers (mostly over grown boys) don’t offend my airspace as well.

You have the data, do with it what you will but if you find yourself suddenly alone more often, you might want to recheck your hygienic routine.  Just saying.

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