Falcons Fly First Class! Not The Team, The Birds!

So how much money is too much money? When your pet birds take up the first 80 seats of a plane!

The photo made the rounds first on REDDIT. The New York Post reports a pilot friend sent the uploader  the photo and that this was a commercial flight headed to Jeddah, a Saudi Arabian city located on the Red Sea. A Saudi prince bought 80 seats for his hawks but don’t feel too badly, they flew economy.

Pretty cool huh? But why Falcons? Is the prince like a really big Atlanta Falcons fan? Well, turns out according to the Post “these birds of prey are said to be big-time status symbols for the Middle Eastern elite, and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase. Falconry — or hunting using falcons — is also said to be popular in the Middle East. Because of their value, and a fear of theft, deep-pocketed passengers can travel with full-grown falcons aboard planes.”  In fact, the birds are so popular many Saudi airlines allow passengers to fly with up to 6 birds per flight. Well, alright then!

Here’s my question when can I travel  not with my pet birds but my two 95 lb. German Shepherds next time I fly? I would pay for their seat. Come on airlines get with the program. I may not be a Saudi prince but my cash is just as green.


Grace's Kidz Photo by Grace Vasquez

Grace’s Kidz Photo by Grace Vasquez

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