Hiding Money From Your Significant Other? You’re Not Alone

Do you have a secret stash of cash and hide it from your significant other? Well you’re not alone! In fact you have 12 million buddies that’s according to a poll conducted by CreditCards.com.

The poll hit a variety of topics including hiding debt, a high ticket purchase or financial information. Baby Boomers are mostly guilty when it comes to hiding some side dinero. The poll found 11 percent of ¬†older people, aged 50 to 64, said¬†they had a hidden account. Well, maybe they’re just better at saving, maybe?

Now according to CBS news the Millenials are far more likely to be upset if their partner spends $500 or more without telling them, with just 24 percent saying they would be OK with it, compared to 42 percent of Baby Boomers. However, in all fairness, I can see why Millenials would get upset, in their dire financial world right now $500 is mega bucks!

And as expected studies find that finances is a major reason couples argue and often times the reason behind divorces. On the upside, you can hide money from yourself and then you only have to worry about where you hid it! Oh wait, am I being to literal with the “hiding cash” thing? My bad. ~grace

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