By Paco Lopez

Sometimes it amazes me how social media works.  There are stories that were put into the “world wide” web years ago, and suddenly and inexplicably they become news in what appears to be an out of the blue situation…like the Vanna White being fired story.

This is a story that was written just over two years ago on a “parody” (fake news) web site called Empire News…and many people seem to be taking it as gospel.

Some of the content of the story reads as follows, “We appreciate Vanna’s 32 years with us,” said director Bob Cisneros. “However, her recent actions have compromised the production of this all-American favorite. The betrayal felt by viewers upon seeing her spinning around with other wheels is too great to be tolerated. It’s as if she is a wife who cheated on her husband, and her husband are the Wheel of Fortune viewers. She is no longer the loyal servant we once knew and loved.”  All this fabricated.

Here’s the angle that many of these sites use.  They write just enough truth to make it seem believable.  Bob Cisneros IS the director of Wheel of Fortune. However, chances are that if a statement was made about an employee being released/terminated from a show of that magnitude…one which is American icon, it would likely be a creator, or producer that would make the statement, and probably not the show’s director.

Bottom line…it’s all just – NOT TRUE.  In fact, there were so many posts, and re-posts of the story that even posted on it.

Most of us would do ourselves a favor by researching stories like these prior to “sharing” them or spreading the word.  I had never even heard of Empire News until this story was put out.

So, if you’re a Wheel fan…relax…Vanna will continue to “turn” letters for the show for some time to come…

I guess it was Benjamin Franklin who once said, “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet”.



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