Top Signs You Should Have Quit Your Job Already

Being in radio we have access to a lot of great prep services and I came across what I thought was an article regarding signs it was time to quit your job. Well, it wasn’t an article but rather a bunch of funny one liners that weren’t really that funny so it got me searching for real articles regarding time to change jobs. Here’s what I found hope they help you.

Suzy Welch of CNBC came up with a short list that I thought was pretty spot on. Welch says basically look out for 4 signs to tell you it’s time to search for new employment: 1) you’re being blocked; 2) can’t get past old reputation; 3) you’ve lost excitement and 4) another passion is calling you. I think Suzy nailed it on all four topics. Get the details here.

The Guardian did a report on “5 Signs You Should Quit Your Job In 2017.” This report gets a little more personal like your friends and family are tired of hearing you complain (yeah, that’s a big red flag you’re past your due date). ¬†How about this one: you suffer from the Sunday night blues. I used to get the Sunday night blues when I was in grade school. I didn’t quit school though! Get all five signs here.

Finally, listed 10 warning signs you may need a new job. Among the list: your sleep patterns have changed, you’re thinking of retirement and you find yourself arguing more with coworkers. If you ask me, if you argue with your coworkers then yeah, I think it’s time to hightail it out of there. For the complete list of warning signs click here.

I always say trust your gut. Yeah, you know that little voice we all try to ignore but seldom leads us down the wrong path. Those who know me, know I’m very spiritual and I read once that little voice is God guiding you; makes sense to me. My little voice has never let me down.

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