Being Single Can Be Healthier

With all the dating sites you would think that being single is such a taboo. Well, lift your heads oh frozen-dinner-for-one as according to new research being single may actually be healthier for you. Shut the front door, seriously? Seriously. lists research that proves rolling solo has some big benefits.

  • Singles are more fit: Several studies show single people get out and exercise more. I can see this being true as a wife I’m always calculating what time do I start dinner, have the dogs been taken out, can I squeeze a laundry load in?
  • Singles eat healthier: There’s a reason they refer to married people as being “fat and happy.” Again, I can eat a salad every day for dinner but I feel I’m neglecting my husband if I don’t feed him something hardy. Excuse? Maybe. Single? You can eat healthy and not worry.
  • There’s less money stress: You only have you to blame for money woes. Finances are always tricky when married; it definitely has to be a topic both of you are on same page otherwise, oh boy, serious stress!
  • Singles maintain relationships of all kinds better. One of my BFF’s and I finally got together for dinner to catch up when we realized an entire year had passed since we saw each other. Unacceptable. Singles do have freedom to stay connected without explaining why your going out for coffee yet again with your BFF.
  • Singles typically are more attentive toward their friends, family, and even their neighbors than married people. Additionally, the friendships of single people tend to last longer. Something about being in a relationship or marriage that just sucks the time away from you! In saying that if I didn’t have social media I wouldn’t know what my family and friends are doing.

So is being single truly better than being in a relationship? Well, like anything in life there is good and bad to everything. I wouldn’t change my marriage status instead I’ll change my behavior to attain the “healthier” me as when I was single. However, allow me to leave you with some timeless wisdom from my beloved mother to my brothers and me before marriage, “Stay Single and Your Pockets Will Jingle!” And they certainly did!

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