A News Site Found A Way To Cut Angry Comments

How many times have you read a headline and become incensed? Guilty. How many times have you felt like leaving a comment simply from reading the headline and then you find out your point is moot or senseless. Gosh darn it, if only you had READ the article. Aw man, they’re going to make me READ (insert WINKY face here)?

Well now a Norwegian website has figured out a way to curb the hateful comments and also get people to actually read their reports. How? You have to take a quiz before you are allowed to leave a comment. Brilliant!

Norwegian public broadcaster NRK requires online readers to answer a three-question test first, with the questions pertaining to the content of the article they’re about to comment on. Imagine that? I love this idea.

The questions prove whether or not a commenter actually read the article they’re about to share their views on, and can possibly keep the commentary related to the content in the article. The site also believes the test may help the commenter to chill a bit.  NRKbeta editor Marius Arnesen explains, “If you spend 15 seconds on it, those are maybe 15 seconds that take the edge off the rant mode when people are commenting.” So in essence, a calming down period before you shoot off your mouth.

In our world of social media and comments where so many of us get in trouble (yes, including moi!) this is a great way to stop us from leaving a rant that could possibly come back and create havoc in our lives. Imagine if we all read the story before we actually commented how better inform the world would be? Please feel free to leave a comment in our comment section.


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