7 Chief Benefits Of Sleeping In The Nude

I admit it. I sleep in the nude. Well, last night was a little too cold for a naked night, but it’s my preferred way to sleep.¬†TMI??? According to The Spruce, it also¬†brings with it quite a few benefits I am glad to share with you.

1) You’re Going To Sleep Better- Find yourself spending your nights tossing and turning? Try sleeping in the buff! When it’s time for you to sleep, your body temperature tends to drop a degree or two, triggering your brain that it’s sleep time. But when you’re wearing those pajamas, it’s trapping that body heat making it harder for your core temperature to lower the way it should for good sleep. Take off those clothes and you’ll be good!

2) Could Help You Lose Weight- Cortisol is a hormone your body produces that is also known as the “stress hormone.” It is also known to increase your hunger and cravings for food. Your levels of cortisol will typically fall during sleep, but if you’re not sleeping well, they will remain the same. Since sleeping nude helps give you a more restorative sleep, your cortisol levels will probably fall, reducing your food cravings during the night.

3) It Will Help Make You Look Younger- Melatonin and growth hormone are two other hormones which count on a good night’s sleep to function properly. They both have a significant impact on keeping your body young and healthy and their production depends on your drop in body temperature during sleep. And FYI…the best room temperature for restorative sleep is between 65 and 68 degrees!

4) It Will Improve Your Sex Life- This may sound kind of crazy, but when sleeping skin-to-skin with your partner, it releases the cuddle hormone oxytocin. The “feel good hormone” will not only bind you closer to your partner emotionally but it will also start up that sex drive!

5) It’s A Healthy Way To Sleep- Okay, let’s get right to it. It gives those unmentionable areas that are bound up in clothing all day long some time to breathe…and that’s healthy, reducing the risk of yeast infection in women and allowing the temperature of the testes to lower for increased sperm production for men. This is definitely helpful if you’re looking to get pregnant.

6) It’s A Money Saver- Come on, it’s not hard to figure out that sleeping in the nude saves you from having to spend money on pajamas or other sleep time attire. That’s also less laundry and less detergent used!

7) It Feels Good!- Let’s face it…with nothing but your skin between you and the sheets, it’s a good feeling! Enjoy it!


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