You’ll Be Surprised At Who Got One Of Carrie Fisher’s Most Prized Possessions

Maybe you didn’t look at the photo too closely and see what was in the lower right hand corner of the picture. That’s “Gary”, Carrie Fisher’s dog…and by most accounts one of the late actresses most prized possessions.

She would take him to movie premieres, media events, conventions, Q & A’s and more. He was a part of the family.

It was two days before Christmas when Fisher took ill on a flight back from Europe after finishing a leg of her book tour.When she suddenly passed away two days after the holiday last year from what the medical examiner deemed “cardiac arrest,” the Star Wars legend left behind many treasuresHowever, one of them was a living breathing being…”Gary”…her French Bulldog.

According to TMZ, once Fisher passed away, Gary needed a new home, and there was someone there to take him in right away. It wasn’t Carrie’s daughter Billie either. Corby McCoin, Carrie’s personal assistant, took him almost immediately. She now has him on a permanent basis.

Despite the fact that Gary was best friends with daughter Billie’s bulldog Tina, Billie felt that since Corby had been at Carrie’s side and helped her with just about everything (including Gary) that she would give up custody of the dog to her and that way he could spend more time with the “people” he had a connection with in Carrie’s life as opposed to the pet(s). [sidebar: I don’t know that that really makes much sense, but, we’ll go with it].

Sources say that Corby isn’t trying to “cash in” on taking Gary. She did it because she says it was the “right thing to do.”

May The Dog Be With You.


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