American Flags On Moon May Be All White

Historical Apollo moon landing was launched right here in Central Florida so when reports claim that the American flag planted on the moon is now disintegrating it caught my attention.

Six flags were planted from 1969 through 1972 on the moon during the Apollo missions. However, images taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2012 show that at least five out six flags still stand but scientists think decades’ of brilliant sunlight have faded their colors.

The flags were made by the company Annin Flagmakers, woven out of rayon, and cost NASA $5.50 (more than $32.00 when adjusted for inflation). Most flags fade here on Earth with the weathering and sunlight. Business Insider reports “the flags planted by the Apollo astronauts are exposed to constant, gleaming sunlight and even more solar radiation, and for two-week stretches at a time. (One “day” on the moon lasts about 28 Earth days.)”

Ugh. The thought of our beautiful American flags now faded, white or damaged at all break my heart. Hoping we get back to the moon soon and plant an indestructible American flag! ~grace


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