Pets Allowed At Work: Yes Or No?

Full disclosure: I love animals. I especially love dogs. I have no children so my dogs aren’t pets, they are the loves of my life!

So when I see a co-worker bring their kids (for whatever reason) to work, I think, “Hey, why can’t I bring my furry kid to work?” Cue crickets.

Well, these days, more workplaces are embracing a pet-friendly culture, much to the delight of their employees. Yaaay! I would love to bring the babies to work. Believe me, they’d sleep.

not sleepy gem io Pets Allowed At Work: Yes Or No?

My furry kidz! ~grace

A new PAWrometer survey finds that 73% of Millennials believe having pets in the office has a positive impact on employees, while 70% say it does the same for the workplace overall. Non-Millennials are a little less enthusiastic about pets at the office, with 61% saying it has a positive effect on employees and 56% saying it’s a benefit to the workplace. Some Millennials think pet-friendly offices are so important that 42% say it would likely influence their job search, with 60% saying they’d be more likely to stay at a company because of their pet-friendly policies. Wow…I actually agree with Millennials!

While bringing your pet to work would be a great perk, other pet-related benefits like paid pet bereavement leave, general pet-related paid time off (PTO), and paid leave to care for a new pet – matter even more to workers. I agree 100%. Losing a pet can be heartbreaking and getting paid time off for it would be so nice.

The good news is HR seem to be open to the idea of pet-friendly workplaces because of the positive impact it has on the office. Among the top five areas they’ve seen improvement:

  • Employee morale (93%)
  • Reduced stress among employees (93%)
  • Work-life balance (91%)
  • Increased loyalty to the company (91%)

Will our company ever allow pets in the office? I can’t say but I would like to think that eventually it may. A doggie-mom can dream can’t she? ~grace

What do you think???

gem another selfie Pets Allowed At Work: Yes Or No?

My big boy and me. ~grace


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