Don’t Subject Yourself To Parking Karma

When I was a kid, my dad taught me to be nice to everybody.

“Nobody is any better than you…but, YOU are not any better than anyone else either,” he’d say.

I talk to everyone the same way. Whether you own the building, or clean the building. I treat everyone with respect. That includes, space.

That being said, it brings me to the point of this post.

How many times have you been driving around at the mall, or grocery store and see what you think is an open space, only to find out when you get there, that it’s NOT because some jerk decided to take up a space and a half, or park in the middle of two spaces? Does that make you mad? It gets me furious!

I’ve been at a department store parking lot and seen someone in a new Mercedes park in a handicap space without the disabled license plate, or the mirror tag…and I’ve called the local cops.

It’s rude and disrespectful to take the space from someone who NEEDS it, just because you have “money” and feel like you are “entitled” to it.

Karma can be a real bite in the butt sometimes when it comes back on you.

As an example, this video shows two guys who have had it with a rude driver who decided to take two spots simply because they have a nice car and feel like they deserve the two spots to protect their car.

As a rule of thumb, I NEVER do any harm to people…ever. BUT, I HAVE entered the radio station parking lot and found a spot…with the person next to the space, over the line, just because they either didn’t know how to park, or didn’t care.

THAT is when I drive into the spot and park as far over as I can inside my space while simultaneously making sure that I leave NO space for the “rude one” to open their door.

So, if you EVER park in a space (and then some) and come out to find a car parked right up on top of you without leaving you space to open your door and get into your car, it may be me.

However, don’t even THINK of doing damage to MY car, because I’ve already taken a picture of how YOU parked in the space, and another of your license plate in case you even considered messing with me.

Again, it could be DOUBLE karma for you.

In the end…just remember…

“It’s nice to be important…but, it’s MORE important to be nice. Vaya con Dios.”

Just do the right thing….




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