Tips From College Graduates On How To Land A Job

We often hear how difficult it is for college grads to land a job. Well these college kids gave some pretty valuable tips on how recent grads may be able to land that dream job.

If you’re getting ready to graduate or maybe you’re a couple semesters from the big day, it’s not too early to start prepping for that job interview now.

Buzzfeed asked some college grads on how they landed a gig and these were some of their responses.

  • missdot “I started attending my major’s career fairs as a freshman. I talked to a bunch of the recruiters, and they got used to seeing me twice a year. By the time I was a senior, they all recognized me and offered me interviews!” This is actually a great idea!
  • adriennec435ad46c2 “A woman I had worked with at a summer stock theater company referred me for a position at her company. I made sure to do good work and be a reasonable coworker that summer, and it’s paid off.” Whatever it takes, that’s what I still say!
  • a4c3ed6885 “I used a head hunter to find a job after I graduated college.” Pay to get paid? If it works, why not?
  • kristing4cb1cb8a3 “Even though I didn’t get a permanent position where I interned, someone who worked there during my time there had left for another company, called me and asked if I’d be interested in working there because she was impressed with how hard I worked as an intern and how invested I was in the profession.” Never burn bridges and always do your best because the world really is small! 

I was able to land a radio job right out of college and part of it has to do with timing and willingness to do whatever shift available just to get hired.

My first station needed someone to do overnights  and write news for the morning guy. I told my potentially new boss, “No problema, I can do it!”  And within 6 months I was doing the morning show with said morning guy (who happened to be the Program Director aka boss) and I’ve never looked back!

I give our interns the same advice now and anyone who is PT as well. No job is too small when you’re trying to get your foot in the door. I knew if someone would just give me a chance I would prove to them I was a good hire!

Just ask my current boss at SUNNY FM, Rick Stacy (just make sure you ask him on a good day and preferably after he’s been fed!).

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