A Camera That Will Tell You If Your Outfit Is Ugly

We’ve all been there “I have nothing to wear!” Well, not exactly true more like we couldn’t decide on WHAT to wear. Well help is on the way in the form of a “camera” that will rate your outfit for you. Hmm? Okay, I’ll bite. How exactly?

Amazon announced the “Echo Look,” is a camera that can rate your outfit on collected info from the “machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists.” A part of Amazon’s “Echo” line of home assistant gadgets, Echo Look can be asked to take full-length photos of you and can record videos of you turning or walking so you can see how you look from angles that you can’t catch by craning your head in the mirror. Echo Look also integrates the app Style Check that will compare two different outfits for you and let you know which is more flattering. My mom used to do that for me. I’d ask, ” Mom does this make me look fat?” or “Mom how does this look?” and I knew instantly depending on what expression she made!

If you don’t have a mirror or someone at home you trust to give you a second opinion or maybe you are in dire need of a “besty” telling you you look fabulous, then this device may be what you need. Good luck with that. ~grace

The Echo Look is available for $199.99 by invitation only. Interested customers can request one on the product page.

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