Bedtime Snacks That Can Help You Lose Weight

At our age, one of the issues we have to deal with is weight control. We also seem to get hungry late at night, before we go to bed.

That being said, here are a half dozen snacks has found that you can have late nights, that will actually help you lose weight.

1 – Cherry Protein Shake

You should consider putting cherries in your nighttime snack to help you not only lose weight, but, help you get to sleep. Cherries are actually a dietary fiber. They have a fat-burning nutrient that also fills you up, and are one of the best natural sources of melatonin, which happens to be a sleep hormone.
If you have a protein shake, with a/some cherries, and add protein, which boosts your metabolism, that should help you shed pounds.

2- Turkey and Pickle Wraps

Turkey is packed with protein, which (again) helps burn fat, and it’s an amino acid with natural mind-relaxing properties (tryptophan) that can help you get to sleep. The pickles help fill you up without adding many calories.

3 – Walnuts and Oatmeal

Just like cherries, walnuts contain melatonin which will help you get to sleep. They’re also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, a type of fat that reduces inflammation and might prevent or treat obesity.

The oatmeal has lots of healthy carbs, which support an active lifestyle and exercise program. They also help your brain absorb and use the tryptophan, which makes you drowsy…and helps in putting you to sleep. Oatmeal also supplies high-quality fiber, which will help you lose fat.

4 – Decaf Iced Green Tea Smoothie

With performers, you’re always looking for the “triple threat.” Green Tea is the triple threat of food. It’s free of sugar, virtually-calorie free and it modestly boosts your metabolism, again, helping you lose weight.

Adding milk provides metabolism-boosting protein, while the berries add beneficial antioxidants that help you recover and repair tissues while you sleep.

You can also turn it into a smoothie if you blend the tea with nonfat milk or unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a half-cup of frozen blueberries.

5 – Nutty Low-Sugar Granola

The oats, dried fruit and coconut in granola all contain high-quality fiber which aids in fat loss. Nuts and seeds add both fiber and slimming protein. Granola also supplies B-complex vitamins, that help support your metabolism by helping you digest and process nutrients, like protein and carbs. It also helps supply your tissues with fresh oxygen, so you feel energized.

6 – Bananas and Peanut Butter

Reportedly one of Elvis Presley’s favorite snacks…peanut butter and bananas. He allegedly ate them in sandwiches.

Put peanut butter on your banana (slices) and you’ll have a snack rich in sleep-inducing carbs, fat-busting dietary fiber and healthy fats for cardiovascular health. Many of us know already that bananas also serve as a great source of potassium. What you may not know is that it’s a nutrient that naturally promotes muscle function (including relaxation) to support a healthy, active lifestyle. That’s why when athletes suffer from muscle cramps, many trainers have them eat more bananas in their diet. Though peanut butter is moderately high in calories, it probably won’t cause weight gain, if you don’t abuse your portions.

Happy weight loss!


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