Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: Paco’s Pick

By Paco Lopez

When 1059 SUNNY FM plays “Brandy,” by Looking Glass, you know you’re taken back to 1972, and our youth.

When Kurt Russell plays “Brandy” by Looking Glass, you’re watching the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, as he and his girlfriend cruise around the Missouri countryside blasting and singing the song.

Guardians has once again found the magic formula that most movies want to discover to make their film a blockbuster.

Guardians is loaded with sharp one liners that are funny (right from the start), entertaining story lines and computer generated action sequences which do everything from create the flight path of an arrow to watching an entire planet explode.

Right from the beginning of the action film…Baby Groot accidently cranks up the tunes (the ELO classic “Mr. Blue Sky”) and begins to “do a little dance,” while the rest of the crew try to fight off a creature from outer space that threatens their existence. It’s a funny sequence as the fight barely misses little Groot time and time again. He seems to be either unaware of the battle, or disinterested in it whatsoever.

But make no mistake about it…it’s less about the explosions and more about Chris Pratt (Peter Quill/Star-Lord) learning about his bloodline, a “royal one” at that.

When he first meets his father, played by Russell (Ego The Planet), he doesn’t quite get what Russell’s true intentions are, which will turn into a big, sloppy mess by the end of the 2 hours and 16 minutes of action-packed fun. I won’t give anything away.

There are so many one liner zingers, fights, and explosions, that you don’t ever realize that the time has passed when the credits begin to roll. [sidebar: don’t leave right when the credits begin to roll. There are five…yes, count ‘em FIVE, additional scenes scattered through the credits.]

Pratt and his crew of misfits save the galaxy once again. You would expect that, that’s why they’ve been tagged, “guardians…” but, not without problems, arguments, and miscues along the way. Sometimes it makes you wonder how they ever do it. Yet they find a way.

During this exhibition of incompetence, you’ll see why the words, “duck tape” become a punch line. And why you can(not) trust Groot with a planet destroying bomb…or can you?

I loved this film. It was fun…funny…action-packed and a great way to kick off the summer movie schedule (a little early)…I suspect you’ll enjoy it too. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a solid 85, while Metacritic scores it a very respectable 76.

I’d give it that, just for the appearance by Zardu Hasslefrau, references to “Cheers”, AND another great soundtrack…funny, sounds a LOT like 1059 SUNNY FM. Four and a half out of five lava lamps from me.

It’s a Paco Pick for sure! Right on!


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