“Mama June” Drops Weight & Jaws

It’s not 25 or 6 to 4, but, Mama June…has gone from 18 to 4…size 18 to size 4.

When she originally posed for a Baywatch themed photo nearly two years ago, it was hard to believe that the woman on the left on the E! News tweet, is the same woman you see on the right.

At the time, she tipped the scales at well over 400 pounds. As you can plainly see, things have changed.

The reality TV star from “Toddlers & Tiaras”, and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”,  is back on the small screen again, and this time she can fit her new body well within the frame.  She’s already making an impact again with her new WE TV show, “Mama June: From Not To Hot.”

Since looks are all relative, it’s a matter of taste. However, there’s NO denying that she has definitely changed her appearance. Her new show is a testament to the general public’s interest in her new looks. In it’s premier show, they drew an audience of 2.3 million viewers.

Mama June claimed in a recent interview that when she first agreed to do “Toddlers & Tiaras”, she had already planned in her mind how she was going to execute her plan to make herself over.

She’s done it through multiple surgeries and diet and exercise, working with a nutritionist and a trainer. The journey’s been long, and hard, and at times she admits to have wanted to quit, but didn’t.

Now you can’t call her “Big Mama” anymore…since she’s down to well over half of where she began. She weighs in at a svelte and impressive 137 pounds.

She’s also had her top teeth veneered, and plans to have the bottoms done soon as well. Other procedures include skin removal surgery, where she said the doctors removed over 10 pounds of fat from her stomach alone. In addition to that, June underwent a tummy tuck and a breast lift.

Originally, she admitted that she drew from her emotions towards her “ex” (Sugar Bear) as motivation to lose the weight, and then realized after beginning the journey to her new self…that she wanted to do it more for herself.

Last month on the Wendy Williams TV show she said, “For me, throughout the years, I’ve been able to drop the weight. But maintaining it…I guess I became what you call a ‘scale whore,’ because I was constantly kind of beating myself up.”

Hopefully this time, she’ll be able to keep the pounds off…not for her ex, but, for herself…and her kids.

Keep it up…or better yet…down!


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