5 Health Issues That May Affect You On Summer Vacation

By Paco Lopez

Our kids are graduating high school and college…and we’re hitting the road on vacation. Whether you’re driving or flying, either way, when you’re away from home and suffer an upset stomach…what do you do?!

Here are a few tips that will help you while you’re on the road.

Dr. Lynn O’Connor, a colorectal surgeon in New York, says that when we travel, in many instances our stomach becomes upset because we suddenly change our lifestyle, schedule, diet, fluid intake and activity level. He goes on to say, “Humans have an inner biological clock and daily routines, which allow for regulation of sleep wake cycles and urges to defecate.” These dramatic changes mess with your biological clock, which throws your body into turmoil.

What To Do? Pack healthy snacks, eat around the time you would normally eat, and don’t variate your caffeine intake. In other words, try to stay as close as you can to your normal activities.

You can also suffer from dizziness from too much activity and/or too much caffeine…that causes dehydration. In some cases, a lack of proper or enough air conditioning can be the culprit. Remember to hydrate more than usual during summer months. In many cases, by the time you realize you’re dehydrated, you’re already dizzy and it’s too late.

What To Do? Put a damp cloth on either your wrist(s), or the back of your neck. You can also suck on ice cubes throughout the day to rehydrate and keep your body cool.

Running on a flat tread mill is one thing. Running in the outdoors, where there roads, trails are uneven and there are, in some cases small rocks, sticks and other paraphernalia that can twist an ankle is something altogether different. If you DO twist or injure an ankle, try the RICE method.

What To Do?

R – Rest
I – Ice the joint as much as you can tolerate to reduce swelling & irritation.
C – Compress it. Wrap it snug to keep it from moving around & help in reducing the swelling.
E – Elevate the ankle. This helps reduce the amount of fluid to the injury.

Sometimes you just can’t fall asleep when you’re away from home. You toss and turn all night. You get no rest. And after you FINALLY fall asleep, you wake up in the morning tired and still sleepy.

What To Do?

Lower your temperature in the bedroom or sleeping area, and it will lower your body temperature as well. This will help you fall asleep. When you are at home, your thermostat is set at a level you are comfortable with, on the road it may not be. Therefore, when you can’t fall asleep, it’s because when the body is too warm at night, in many cases. Sleeping in a cool dark place will also help your body get the rest you need.

When you sweat, your blood rushes to the surface of your skin to help prevent your body from overheating.

What To Do?

According to Nutrionist Beth Nydick, “As you sweat, you lose water and heat and your brain asks you to replenish in the form of thirst.” Why does this happen?

Because, when you sweat, your blood rushes to the surface of your skin to help prevent your body from overheating. The best way to remedy this is to gradually and consistently sip on water throughout the day. Chugging water once you have become “dry mouthed” is not the way to resolve this issue.

Chugging water can actually lead to dehydrated kidneys. The water may not make its way to these organs, because drinking in excess could be dispelled through the rectum, because the kidneys can only process half a liter per hour.

Also remember, “energy drinks” may be great for giving you a RUSH of adrenaline, BUT, their high caffeine content may also hinder your hydration and could even cause you to dehydrate even more.

There you go kids…Be safe…Buh bye and safe travels.


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