By Paco Lopez

Most of us like to drink a cold one on a hot summer Central Florida day.

Most of us can’t agree on the best tasting beer in America….however, 24/7Wall St. can tell you who they believe are the worst. They examined data from beer review web site Beer Advocate and determined what they feel are the 25 worst in the U.S.

The vast majority of the beers on the list are light beers, which may be great for weight conscious individuals or trainers, but, others would argue that when you cut calories, you also sacrifice taste.

Other beers on the list are either inspired by the flavors of fruit or vegetables, like Bud Light & Clamato Chelada. Others are a variety of malt liquor, like Olde English 800.

But, even though some of the beers on the list don’t rate well with tasters, they sell through the roof at retailers. Once such example is Bud Light. It’s the sixth worst tasting beer in the survey, and ironically, has also been the best selling beer in America since it overtook Budweiser 2004.

However, note that many of the beers on the list sell exceedingly well, because of aggressive advertising campaigns, and low pricing.

(Molson) Coors spent well over 3/4 of a billion ($788 million to be exact) on advertising, promotions, and sports sponsorships just last year.

Meanwhile, Anheuser-Busch has paid the National Football League $2.6 billion to make Bud Light the official beer of the NFL from 2011 through the Super Bowl in 2022. A hefty amount of money, just to be the league’s official adult beverage. But, Anheuser-Busch believe the return on their investment will be worth the marketing price tag.

Ironically, smaller craft beer breweries have grown exponentially and in the past year well over double digits. Though they still fall short and far behind the major brewmasters, they are beginning to get “traction” with the younger demographics’ who tend to lean towards their unique tastes, and specialized and/or regional formulas.

Not surprisingly, Bud Light and Coors Light remain the most popular beers in the United States. But total shipments have fallen between 2010 and 2015 by 9.7% and 5.4%, respectively. Those two factors combined are why the micro-breweries have gained some ground and a smaller (but growing) market share of the category.

To determine the 25 worst beers in America, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the 100 beers with the lowest weighted ranking on beer review site, Beer Advocate.

Here are the final results…

The TOP 25

25. O’Doul’s
24. Miller Lite
23. Labatt Blue Light
22. Red Dog
21. King Cobra Premium Malt Liquor

The TOP 20

20. Corona Extra
19. Olde English 800
18. Wild Blue
17. Budweiser Select
16. Bud Ice

The TOP 15

15. Busch Beer
14. Milwaukee’s Best
13. Milwaukee’s Best Light
12. Keystone Ice
11. Miller 64

The TOP 10

10. Coors Light
9. Natural Ice
8. Keystone Light
7. Busch Light
6. Bud Light

The TOP 5

5. Corona Light
4. Bud Light & Clamato Chelada
3. Michelob Ultra
2. Budweiser Select 55

and the worst beer in America, according to Beer Advocate’s survey is….(drum roll please)….

1. Anheuser-Busch’s Natural Light…

May propose a toast…on second thought….nnnnno.


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