By Paco Lopez

Since today was National Doughnut Day, and I happened to run across this story, I thought I’d share it with you, because of the fact that you’re a doughnut fan, as well as a cookie lover…especially an Oreo fan.

If you love Oreos, have dipped them in the proverbial tall glass of milk, or just eaten sleeve after sleeve without giving it any thought, then you may know that they’ve been creating different “flavors” of cookies (on a limited time basis) for quite some time now.

Well, they’ve done it again. This time it’s “Jelly Doughnut.” This weekend when the new Oreo hits shelves, it’ll be a whole new look to consumers of the American tradition. Once you see the package, you’ll notice that it’s obviously not the trademark dark chocolate cookie with the while cream filling…it’s a Golden Oreo cookie with a raspberry center and custard outer ring.

However, you can’t just go to any supermarket and buy it. Because it’s only find it in one place…Walmart, where it is an exclusive deal they cut with Nabisco (at least for the time being).

You may remember some of their past flavors, like the Fireworks Cookie, it had popping candy in the creme filling. Or the Swedish Fish that was pretty much a niche and catered to a very specific taste.

Many of their (experimental) flavors have been fun, certainly different and pretty good.

And now, this weekend, expect to see their latest venture into the flavor kingdom.

It’s Certainly no coincidence that the launch of the new flavor comes on the same day as National Doughnut Day, where many bakers are giving out free doughnuts. So, if you STILL have that yearn to have more doughnuts after today, maybe you swing by the store and grab a bag.

Walmart told “Today” that the flavor was the result of a survey where they asked Oreo customers were asked what flavor they’d most want to have Nabisco create.

You can pick ’em up for less than $3, the package retails for $2.98.

Mmmmm doughnuts!


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