By Paco Lopez

I imagine that it’s not easy sometimes listening to some of the answers people give on game shows. I’m a fan of them, and watch them often.

On this installment of Wheel Of Fortune in Hawaii, Pat Sajak walks off the set, mind you jokingly, (he does come back after the audience roars with laughter) but it’s still funny seeing the how and why.

The contestant asks for a consonant, and guesses correctly…an “N.” With only that one letter in the puzzle, he takes a guess – “Riding A Brown Horse.” It was actually quite a very GOOD guess, but, unfortunately for him, it was wrong. And Pat let’s him know it by saying, “That’s amazing! And it’s wrong!”

But that’s not the reason Pat stepped off. It was the second guess from the next guest that was cause for his boots to start walking. She guesses “G”, and is correct. Ironically, the letter lines up perfectly for another (similar) guess as the first. She takes a shot with “Riding a white horse?”

It was funny enough to hear the second guess. Which only makes Pat shake his head slightly, wave off the guess and walk off the set to howling laughter.

But seriously folks… he took a few steps, turned back around, and returned to his mark. The he paused, and quipped jokingly (and loudly) “WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT A HORSE?” Then he apologized and said, “Sorry, I’m losing it.”

Apparently the next contestant thought “….. horse ……” as well and asked for an “R”…However, it wasn’t to be…

The correct answer turned out to be “Seeing a buddy movie.”

Maybe they could ride a brown horse there!


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