By Paco Lopez

In the early 90’s, Coors tried something new (at the time)…that something was Zima. The malt alternative drink that actually lasted a decade and a half. However, it went the way of pet rocks, K-Tel & Ronco products. As Arnold would say, “Hasta la vista baby.”

Usually we see it in movies, television shows, and fashion…now, it’s with our beverage consumption.

It appears “the experts” believe that it’s time to (do like so much of society does) recycle and bring back something from OUR generation, rather than create something new.

Zima was introduced to the market in 1993 and stayed on shelves until 2008. It originally came out of the chute guns a-blazing, and the “malt-ernative” slowly fizzled out like a beer left open too long when they finally laid the bottles to rest after 15 years.

Adweek is reporting that we could see the clear adult beverage back in stores by this coming (July 4th) weekend.

Remember that in the 90’s everything clear was being peddled to the consumer. From Crystal Pepsi, and Ivory dishwashing liquid to laundry detergent. Now, Coors believes that the time is right to Let’s go back Jack (come full circle) and do it again!

Mental Floss says that Zima came along at a time when the American public’s beer consumption was down and wine coolers were selling through the roof. Is it that time again? With beer sales declining and wine sales up, can Zima find a way to wedge itself into the marketplace, and on the shelves.

By the way, “Zima” is a Slavic word for “winter.” We’ll find out soon enough if it will be a long cold winter, or an indian summer for the Big Z.



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