By Paco Lopez

Here are the 3 Hot Topics that are “Trending Today.”

1. Many of us had a Nintendo game when we were young…and THEY knew that! Maybe that’s why
last year Nintendo decided to “re-release” a new, hi-tech version of their old console repackaged as the “Mini NES Classic Edition.”

gettyimages 631595064 The 3 Biggest Trending Stories Of The Past 24 Hours

(Photo by: Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images)

Well, they’ve done it again! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome (drum roll please), “Super NEW Classic Edition.”
The console will come preloaded with 21 built-in games including some of our old favorites like, “Super Mario World” and “Yoshi’s Island.” There will be new ones as well. There will be yet another that launches in late September of this year.

2. I have a 20 year old at home. He’s read many of the Harry Potter books. Well, ironically, those books
were released the same year he was born. Yup! It’s been 20 years now since J.K. Rowling’s series first hit book store shelves, interestingly, before there were even digital books…June 26, 1997 to be exact.

That’s when we were first introduced to “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” That was the first piece of a puzzle which has gone on to create the most popular and profitable children’s book series in written history.

gettyimages 682107 The 3 Biggest Trending Stories Of The Past 24 Hours

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

You can read the books practically anywhere in the world since they’ve been translated into 60 different languages, and have sold over 450 million copies globally.

Never mind the fact that the movies alone (converted from the book series) have yielded over 2 billion dollars in ticket sales and have made Ms. Rowling a billionaire. And to think that at one time she was living out of her car. See there’s hope for all of us!

3. Tense moments at a New York Amusement Park when a young girl was seen dangling from a ride at
Six Flags.

She was hanging from a gondola when someone in the crowd spotted her. Soon after that the crowd grew as spectators gathered to watch the little lady hold on for dear life.

Unfortunately the girl couldn’t hold on. As she lost her grip, the crowd prepared for her fall. Having huddled up on the ground, they knew what action they’d take, and they did.

The girl fell, hit a tree on the way down, but, the crowd caught her before she hit the ground 25 feet below.

She was taken to a hospital by ambulance, but authorities are saying that none of her injuries were life-threatening, or even serious. She was released today.

What goes up…must come down. However, one would hope that it would be…not that quickly.


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