By Brad Haynes

By Brad Haynes

You may have received a message like this from one of your Facebook friends over the weekend:

jayden [HOAX ALERT] Jayden K. Smith Is Fine...Not So Sure About Your Friends

Or, if you were lucky enough to receive a number of these, you might have also received one that had the name Jayden K. Smith replaced with Anwar Jitou:

anwar [HOAX ALERT] Jayden K. Smith Is Fine...Not So Sure About Your Friends

Well, as I’m sure most of you probably knew already, IT’S FAKE! Jayden K. Smith and Anwar Jitou are not out to seize the world of Facebook one friend at a time. But this fake message is enough to show that you have some very gullible friends who don’t really do any research before doing exactly what they are told to do via a Facebook message.

What should you do? Google it! Just Googling Jayden K. Smith will bring up tons of articles letting you know that it is nothing more than a hoax.

I have one Facebook friend who is notorious for forwarding these hoaxes. Pretty much every time a new one comes along, she sends it. She says better safe than sorry. I say, better to check and see if it’s a hoax before annoying all your friends with it. Bothersome messages like that, which almost always turn out to be a hoax, are a good reason to unfriend someone!

And finally, if you don’t even know Jayden K. Smith, why would you accept a friend request from them anyway??? Makes no sense!


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