By Grace Vasquez

I didn’t need a psychologist to tell me that talking to myself is actually helpful because I’ve been doing it as long as I can remember but hey, good to know I’ve been right all along!

Researchers have found if you speak to yourself in the third person you actually create distance between yourself and whatever is causing your anxiety or negative feelings.

Jason Moser, an associate professor in the department of psychology neuroscience program at Michigan State University, explains “It kind of switches you to a different mode of experiencing negative emotions when you use your name rather than the word, ‘I.’  It’s like you’re viewing it from an outsider perspective.” (You see Grace, you were correct again.)

“The new study underscores the power of the language we use to tap into areas of the brain, said Cecile Ladouceur, an associate professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh.” So basically as revealed in “The Secret” what you say becomes reality. Pretty simple and it all begins with the power of your mind and how you feel.

So next time your anxious or worried, stop thinking negatively and tell yourself something positive just as you would you advise your best friend. It may seem silly at first but it works! After all, you should be your OWN best friend first and foremost. ~grace


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