By Grace Vasquez

We now have a new “profession” called Cuddlists. Okay first… let me stop laughing….whew!

According to professional “cuddlists” some people still can’t handle Donald Trump’s White House win and that has opened up a whole new career choice. Professional “cuddlists” are out there to help with your Trump anxiety. There has been, according to experts, a 25-percent jump in cuddling services being used since the election. Dang, that’s a lot of extra curricular cuddling going on.

Now, many U.S. military members suffering from PTSD use cuddlist as part of therapy.  I can totally understand our veterans using “cuddlists”‘ for therapy they after all they have just endured some traumatic experiences.

What I don’t understand are those who use the “cuddling therapy” because they can’t accept that Trump won or they are having a tough time dealing with the “Trump era.” What will happen to these people when they truly encounter a real life crisis? We come from a generation known as The Greatest Generation. They must be embarrassed and rolling in their graves. Just saying.

Okay so let’s look at the positives: this new profession is creating jobs (something I think we can credit President Trump among campaign promises). It is a non-sexual service that has pretty defined boundaries and there are several businesses online and a few even school you on how to make it a living. All positives right?

Best part, in my opinion, it’ll set you back about $80 bucks pretty much the cost of a full body massage. Hmm, yeah, think I’ll spend my hard earned money on a massage and help get that kink out of my neck I seem to get when I think of people who use “cuddlist” because they can’t deal with Trump winning.  ~grace


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