By Grace Vasquez

My first dentist visit when I moved to Orlando several years ago he asked me where I was from originally? I answered, “El Paso, Texas.” He said “well, that explains why you have such good teeth they’re known for their good water with fluoride and minerals.” I was so flattered then I suddenly became worried because I thought, well, what is he telling me about Florida water? Yikes!

Well, now I know that in some areas our local water may not the best however,  a new study finds, this whole tap water thing may be a big scam!

According to a report commissioned by Switzerland-based World Wildlife Fund International, “Bottled water may be no safer or healthier than tap water, while selling for up to 1,000 times the price.”

The reason? Well the absence of standards regulating bottled water. “In fact,” said the report, “there are more standards regulating tap water in Europe and the United States than those applied to the bottled water industry.” Aw geez, are you serious?

Oh and for you environmentalist that love your bottled water you better sit for this next little fact. “The report says the $22-billion-a-year bottled water industry uses 1.5 million tons of plastic annually to package water. The manufacture and disposal of plastic causes toxic chemicals to be released into the environment.” Hmm, well that cancels one’s good deed out.

So basically, bottled water has had a great marketing department and many of us have fallen for the scam. Now saying that, there are areas where the water is not gulp! drinkable! So I can see your need for bottled water but the rest of us, if you don’t like the smell, the taste invest in a filter they are so worth it. Plus I add a little lemon and voila! Delicious drink! ~grace

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