By Grace Vasquez

I was here in ’04 when Central Florida went through three hurricanes: Friday, August 13th Charley Cat 4 when the eye came directly over Orlando/Winter Park we got hit with 106 mph winds; Frances was a Cat 4 that hit Central Florida three weeks later; finally, thank goodness, Jeanne Cat 3 hit us September 23rd. And of course we’ve all seen what Houston has just gone through recently with the heavy floods left from Hurricane Harvey. Well, now it’s Hurricane Irma and this one has just been reported to be a Cat 5! 

Now is the time to prepare for the storm headed our way. You don’t want to find yourself without water, food, flashlights, batteries, medicine and don’t forget your pets and their needs.  I look at preparing for a hurricane like you’re going camping. What would you take? Same thing you need to get you through a few days without power. Also don’t forget to bring in all your patio furniture or anything that could be airborne in case we get hit with strong winds.

Here is a list to get you started.

Emergency officials recommend that you have:
A weather radio
Flashlights and batteries
A can opener
A first aid kit
Water — experts recommend one gallon of water per person for for at least three days
Plenty of non-perishable food

To visit FEMA’s official Emergency Supply list click here.

Be safe. Be prepared. And once the hurricane passes, get out and begin cleaning and help your neighbors.

We lost power for only three days after Charley. It was a great time, why? Because we came together with our neighbors. Breakfast was at my house. Dinner and the party at our neighbors’s house. During the day, we helped each other clean up our block and those with trucks discarded the the debris.

Hurricane’s can be scary but it shows you what you are truly made of and that’s always good to know. ~grace

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