By Sybil

There is SO much to do.

This morning my best friend, Chris – who lives in Chicago, posted that putting a quarter on top of ice in a cup placed in your freezer would let you know if the power had gone out and stuff in the freezer had thawed. The quarter will then be found at the bottom of the cup. Even IF the water refreezes.

Eating food that had thawed completely and then refrozen when the power came back on could be very dangerous for your family. Imagine chicken, thawed and then refrozen – looking completely innocent.

I haven’t shopped for more fresh food this week because if we lose power I have enough already in the house to try to save in a cooler. Or bring to work and feed to the guys. I may regret this. I’ll let you know. I have WINE. And water, yeah.

If Irma is still a Category 4 on Monday, and stays on a number of projected tracks it will bring potentially very high winds. This, not the rain, will most likely be what we have to be most concerned about.

So the kitschy gardener that I am just picked up: a shovel, several bird feeders, a sprinkler, two iron lawn chairs, some solar lighting, and some loose potted plants. Everything is now going to be corralled in the garage or prone on the front stoop behind the planter.

I’ll lay the garbage cans down on their sides next to the house on Sunday. Or sooner. Whatever seems best.



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