By Sybil

What a weekend, right? Half of the giant what-the-heck-kind-of-tree-are-you? in my front yard is now ON my front yard. I am grateful it wasn’t on my ROOF.

I know I am very lucky. I hope you were as well.

My neighborhood lost power before 10 last night and it was still off when I got ready to come to the station this morning. That was the least romantic candlelit bubble bath in the history of the world.

Mom and aunt are fine and sheltering in place. They didn’t even lose power so got to watch the eye of Irma slide over Lake County in the wee hours (2 AM).

I made a couple of trips outside to force an ancient jalousie window closed a few times and found the humidity a difficult sleeping partner. I need to get new windows before the next storm. Might help my power bills. WILL help them.

Getting here was a challenge, but one I was up for thanks to decades of weather all over the country. I’ve even chased tornadoes! I was young, once.

Irma is definitely the biggest storm I’ve ever weathered (heee), and I am always so glad we were able to be there for you with information and entertainment.

Rick, Grace, Domino and yours truly tried to keep you all updated on what was up where ever we were.

YOU all called and let us know what was going down where you were. And what you wanted to hear while you hunkered down and Chilled.

But Domino and sidekick Zoe are REAL radio HEROES. Three days at the radio ranch. I spell him for a few and he’s back at it at 3pm this afternoon! HEROES.


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