By Grace Vasquez

In France if you whistle at a woman or even ask for her phone number you could be breaking the law. Oh oh, Pepe LePew is in deep trouble!

Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron made it a major campaign promise to end the French macho culture of harrassing women. Legislation is being drawn up to make it a criminal offence to harass someone in a public place. Marlène Schiappa, the gender equality under-secretary, is working on the details that would include wolf-whistling or even asking for a woman’s phone number several times a crime.

So there are few countries that already make this kind of harrassment an offense. The U.K. has laws against harassment in general, while different states in the US have different rules, including a fine in New York for street harassment, while in Minnesota verbal harassment is illegal.

So immediately I wonder how do you prove harrassament of this kind? You’re walking down the street and some guy whistles at you how do you prove it? And is that one whistle harrassment? Or if your at a club and a guy asks for your phone number is that harrassment? I understand if a person really does harrass you to the point of stalking but that’s different.

And more importantly, at what age does it stop being harrassment and instead a flattering compliment? I mean, let’s be honest, we all like to think we can still turn some heads even if we are a tad older. Reminds me of an episode of “King Of Queens” when Carrie was bummed that the construction workers didn’t make cat calls at her any more when she walked by so Doug paid them to start! Now that’s love! ~grace

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