By Grace Vasquez

I’ll be honest, we, The Rick Stacy Morning Show, received a few complaints today about discussing the NFL protests. However, as we explained, either by phone or email, Rick and I feel very strongly when it comes to patriotism and respect for our National Anthem, the American flag, and all the men and women who have sacrificed for our great country.

We made it very clear we did not oppose anyone’s freedom of speech to voice their protest but we do not agree that anyone should make their point at the expense of disrespecting not just the anthem and flag, but what it represents, Americans, and more importantly those who have served to give us these freedoms that too often we take for granted.

In saying that, we received many calls supporting our point of view but it was one email that Rick read that resonated with our listeners and generated the majority of our calls and response on our Facebook page. We asked our SUNNY listener permission to post it. He said “Yes.” Here it is:

To: Stacy, Rick
Subject: NFL American Respect

Morning Rick.

I think I am uniquely qualified to provide some input on this matter.

I am a minority: Hispanic

I was a legal immigrant.

I am a former serviceman : US Army for 7 years.

I served in the Cold War: 3 years.

I am a naturalized American.

My two older brothers also served in the Army. One served in Vietnam where he received the Purple Heart for his wounds. Silver start for gallantry in action.

Two Bronze stars for heroic achievement.

Being an American is a precious gift that we take for granted. Where else can you be free to practice your faith, beliefs and your dreams?

Many servicemen and women and leaders of this country. Sacrificed and served this country to have our way of life that many people of the world long to emulate.

Being an American means we have the right to free speech. Right or wrong.

No one is denying a person’s right to protest or say what they want. These athletes are paid to perform on the field.

I paid to see them play.  I don’t want to be insulted by these rich athlete’s to force their beliefs on me.

If you want to protest then go out and do it. Stage an event, say what you want, everyone is entitle to it.

I will be there to support you if believe the same or I won’t if I don’t want to be there. That is the American way.

This forum is not it, don’t expect to me to feel sorry for some rich, entitled person who benefitted from our sacrifice.

Respect the flag, respect the country and respect those who served to make it possible for you to be where you are today!

Thank you.


Well said sir, well said.

It’s easy for those of us who have never donned a military uniform to spew an opinion about our freedoms but when it comes from someone who did serve and whose family has also served, we stop and listen to what they have to say because their words have far more meaning and purpose.

Thank you Mike and all others who have served this great country of ours. You truly are our heroes. ~grace


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