By Grace Vasquez

I’ll be honest school was easy for me but I was that kid that just never applied themselves. I look back now and think, wow, if only I had put forth a little more effort. I really did admire the students that were honor students but now, some school boards say achieving excellence is “unhealthy” and no longer recognize valedictorians!


At least half of U.S. schools either don’t have a valedictorian or they have several students with the title. Several schools in North Carolina, Virginia, and New York  have done away with the title of valedictorian altogether. Why? Well, some administrators say its “unhealthy” because maybe a student felt pressured to take an academic class instead of a class they may really want to take like an art class.

Administrators say eliminating the title allows students to be more eligible for scholarships and other advantages from college.  “We found that [naming one valedictorian] is shutting our students out from some really positive opportunities” said Scott Martzloff, a superintendent in Western New York.

But how do students feel about this move? Believe it or not, most don’t like it.  Some students are very upset that the opportunity has been pulled out from under them that they demanded it be brought back.

“I think it’s pretty stupid, and I don’t think it’s fair” said Ryan Walters, a student at the top of his class in Wake Forest, North Carolina, which dumped the title. “Wake County is recognizing mediocrity, not greatness.” I have to agree with Ryan!

If you stop striving to be the best then where is the incentive to do anything? Should a sports team not try to win the championship? Will Hollywood get rid of all their awards shows?


Aside from education, school helps prepare you for life. Guess what? Life is competitive. ~grace

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