By Grace Vasquez

I remember being bored at some of my previous jobs and it is excruciating! Thank goodness at my current job there is no time to be bored. If you find yourself bored at work, you are not alone!


According to a new OfficeTemp survey, on average employees say they’re bored at the office about 10.5 hours a week. And while that may not seem so bad think about it this way, that’s the equivalent of more than a full day of work, and 65 days of the year. And it seems managers are a bit clueless when it comes to office boredom, with most of them thinking their workers are bored only about six hours a week.

And being bored at work isn’t just a nuisance, with 40% of employees saying they’d quit a job if they were too bored with it. And those who stick around have to keep themselves occupied during that boredom, and while many will stick to obvious things like going on the Internet, checking personal email and social media, and chatting with coworkers, some have found more unique ways to pass the time.

Creative ways to fight boredom in the office include:

  • “Have rubber band battles with coworkers”
  • “Make grocery lists and cut coupons”
  • “Learn another language”
  • “Do crossword puzzles”
  • “Play ping pong”
  • “Doodle”
  • “Make videos”
  • “Pay bills”
  • “Watch TV or movies online”
  • “Work on the book I’m writing”
  • “Play online games”
  • “Daydream”
  • “Act like I’m interested in the work and meetings”
  • “Clean my desk”
  • “Ask for more work”
  • “Look for other jobs”

I know our big boss around here has caught a coworker a bit bored, all right, he caught him sleeping but in his defense we do wake up super early (I’m not naming names). ~grace

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