By Grace Vasquez

We all keep waiting for that magic pill we can take to keep us thin and healthy…or at least thin! Well, scientist say they are working on  it but it’s not a pill but an injection! Ouch!


New Scientist reports a protein, called GDF15, has been found to naturally regulate body weight in humans and animals. Scientist said when the protein injected into mice it made them eat less and lose weight. In obese monkeys, the injection made them eat 40 percent less. Over a six week period with the injections they lost an incredible 10 percent of their body fat. “They were also more tolerate of glucose, or sugar, which meant their risk of developing type 2 diabetes was reduced.” And according to the study findings so far GDF15 hybrid injection did not appear to cause any adverse side affects in monkeys.  The protein caused mice to keep food in their stomachs for twice as long, making them feel fuller for longer.

So what do you think? Is this something you’ll try if the FDA approves it? There other other medications that help obesity patients but none have proven to be as successful as this new injection.

Hmm. Not a fan of injections or pills so, for now, I’ll stick to doing it the natural way. ~grace

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