By Grace Vasquez

Full disclosure I love to watch shows about aliens. So when Rick Stacy found this story about a Russian man who has been talking about Mars and Earth and other alien/ufo things I had to share.

21 year old Boriska Kipriyanovich claims he lived on Mars in a previous life until there was a war, wiping out all life on the planet. According to his parents Boriska has spoken about alien civilizations since he was a young boy. Borkiska says he was a pilot on Mars and they had close connections with ancient Egyptians. “In fact he has made a prediction that life on Earth is going to change significantly when the Great Sphinx of Giza is ‘unlocked’ using a mechanism behind its ear.” Whoa! Is that crazy, scary and yet interesting?

The remainder of the report is fascinating if its true and even if its not, what an imagination. Boriska says a nuclear war ended civilization on Mars with those surviving going underground to survive and they remain there today, they stop aging at 35 (what? I’m all about that!) and they grow up to 7 ft. (wow, imagine their basketball team?).

Story is a bit out there but still could you imagine if what Boriska is saying is true?  CRAZEE!! ~grace

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