By Grace Vasquez

Do you find yourself lost without your smartphone? Do you have to check your social media status several times throughout the day? Then you may be addicted to your phone and now there may be help.

Introducing the “substitute phone” —  basically a piece of plastic that has the weight and shape of a smartphone, plus rolling beads that users can caress when they feel the need to swipe. According to its designer, the main purpose is to ease the withdrawal symptoms smartphone addicts have, particularly the compulsion to hold or touch the phone. Sounds nice but will it show how many likes I have on my post?

Klemens Schillinger, a Vienna-based product and furniture designer, on his site, is also working on another device to break smartphone habits, called the “Offline Lamp.” It’s a lamp that only turns on when a smartphone-size device is placed inside its drawer,  “you trade the often uncontrollable urge to check for new messages for a bit of light that invites you to read a book instead of just focus on your work.” Hmm, not sure that will work for me. I’ll use the light to search for my phone.

I find losing my phone in the house when the battery is dead is a great way to kick the habit but obvi this may not help others. Now, are we addicted to our smartphone or is it social media? If it’s the phone, then we can be stuck on game apps or other types of apps. Either way if you find yourself, someone you know too attached to their smartphone, this plastic phone with rolling beads maybe the answer or then again, you may find yourself addicted to the plastic fake phoney thing. Sigh. ~grace

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