By Grace Vasquez

How many jobs did you have when you were college age? How many jobs do you have now? Well, according to KISS’ Gene Simmons he says we all should be working 7 days a week! Yikes! My home seldom gets cleaned now I can’t imagine working everyday!

In Gene Simmons’ recently published book, “On Power: My Journey Through the Corridors of Power and How You Can Get More Power,” Simmons says everyone would should be working weekends. From binge watching television to feeling “entitled” too many people want to enjoy the “perks” of being wealthy without putting in the work.

“You take two days off every week and do nothing, if you even have a job,” Simmons says. “Times 52 weeks is 104 days.” Which Simmons feels is lost time that could be better-spent making money.

Instead of spending the weekends at brunches and just hanging out, Simmons proposes doing the following seven things:Observe what other successful people are doing and take notes.
Begin planning for your future by writing down your goals and taking the necessary steps to achieve them.
Continue to always educate yourself, whether it’s through school or first-hand experience.
If you don’t have your first job yet, get one.
Once you acquire a job, work hard enough so that your boss gives you a raise when you ask for one.
If you already have a job, get a second one
Figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life

He goes on to say that the advice is particularly important for millennials. “When you’re young, work every day,” he says. “Don’t take vacations unless you’re richer than I am.”

Hmm, well he is rich maybe we should listen.

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