By Grace Vasquez

A New Year; A New You! I know so many times at the beginning of a new year we swear this will be the year we change something or begin something about ourselves we don’t like. I’m guilty of this. This year for me my new year resolution is getting organized. I so envy people that are organized and just seem to have it all together. I’m kinda like the Peanuts character ‘Pigpen’ dust, or in my case, clutter, eh, dust too, seems to just follow me. Well, not this year buddy.


According to data pulled from Google by iQuanti, here are the five most common New Years, resolutions, and some suggestions on how to stick to them thanks to

  • Get Healthy – Experts suggest finding a friend with similar goals or a trainer to help keep you accountable. Also, try setting smaller goals that will eventually lead you to your larger goal. My advice, just never give up. You will find the path that works for you. 
  • Get Organized – Try pulling everything out from whatever area you are trying to organize, and when putting things away, put like items together, keep them in one location and label them. Also, try using all the same hangars in a closet, or all the same file folders in a drawer. My closet and my “office” are my priorities this year. I walk in and it looks like a mini bomb went off. Well, it did, it’s called GRACE! 
  • Live Life to the Fullest – Business coach Heidi Stevens suggests having a clear idea on what that actually means, and it should be what you want, not what somebody wants from you. Also, write down your goals so they’re clear and specific. She also suggests surrounding yourself with people who’ll encourage and support you to reach those goals.  The hubby and I have begun a list of what we want to achieve for our home. Things like, oh, PAINTING!  We’ve been in our new home for three years and have one room painted. Horrible procrastinating.
  • Learn New Hobbies – If you want to learn a new hobby it’s important to pick the right one. Bustle suggests picking one that you enjoyed as a child, or something that keeps your mind off your day. You can also go back to a hobby you liked in the past, or find a hobby that may help you change something you want to change about yourself. I’ve never had a hobby. I don’t know why. Hmm, maybe this is the year I actually look at doing something for just myself. 
  • Spend Less, Save More – To achieve this goal, experts suggest trying to accomplish small things first. Like if you want to save money, try putting a small amount away first, and then increase the amount over time. This is the one thing I’m actually good at since I was a kid. I’m probably the one weird person who loves to pay bills. I learned this from my parents. I always ask myself before I buy something: Do I need it or do I want it? If I want it, unless I’ve saved up for it, I put it back. 

Are you one to set goals for yourself in the new year? It’s always healthy to grow and evolve as a person. Good luck…to us both. ~grace

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