By Grace Vasquez

I’ll admit it, I’m old school! My mom and dad were the two that influenced me the most but it was mom who was always ready to unload an old saying or cliche to help me understand something. I repeat them now often because they still ring true.

Let’s strip away the “cheese” and get to why these gems of wisdom still work.

    • “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Ben Franklin nailed this. Sleep is key in all life success.  We need a solid 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Good for the body and mind! So snooze away!
    • “Never go to bed angry.” Doing so only lets things fester and get worse. Plus, you won’t sleep (and read previous saying for importance on sleep.)
    • “Don’t spend what you don’t have.” This is pretty much a no brainer but so many people don’t get it. My mom was so frugal. I learned from her. I often ask myself, “Do I want it or do I need it?” This gem has gotten me out of a lot near debt for life problems.
    • “Some people never change.” While I like to think that if you really want to change you can but it takes a lot of determination but in general, I guess this is true enough, so you should be prepared for that.
    • “Actions speak louder than words.” I love this one. Have you ever met someone who goes to church without fail but yet their actions as a person are just evil? Right? If their actions don’t line up with their words, go by the actions.


Here are some of the sayings I grew up with thanks to my mom always there to share them with me:

  • “The lazy person works twice as hard.” I say this one so often because I think I’m brilliant trying to save time and effort and Boom! It backfires and I end up working harder just like mom said.
  • “When one bus leaves another one is on the way” This saying mom used whenever I was heartbroken over a break up! I can hear mom so clearly, “Don’t worry, another bus will be here.” She was right…again!
  • “Stay single and your pockets will jingle” Like I said, mom was frugal plus I think this was her way of making sure we were deterred from jumping into marriage before our time. Was she right? Mom was always right!

So does old fashion advice still fly? Like birds of a feather! ~grace

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