By Grace Vasquez

When I read this headline I thought it was in reference to the new Netflix series “Travelers” and I thought it was a review. Well, clearly I was wrong.

Apex TV interviewed this “time traveler” blurred his face and altered his voice so that he could safely tell us what is coming in our future. Now my question is, did this interview come before or after the debut of “Travelers?” And is this just really a cool stealthy way of promoting the show? If so, Clever!

The “time traveler” claims he comes from the year 6000. He says he’s got the secret technologies being used and claim human brains will be uploaded onto a computer so they can live forever. Cures for diseases like cancer have already been found in the year 2000 but for whatever reason it’s not being used.

Mr. Time Traveler said he was part of a secret program in the 1990’s that sent people forward in time. He even took a “distorted photo” of an unnamed city, which he claims “became distorted” from the travel back to present time (convenient). Double-T says in the year 6000 we will have a different government and it will be governed by artificial intelligence.  That’s creepy huh? Or maybe better on second thought?

Hey, Sir Time Traveler doesn’t mention flying cars! Is he calling “The Jetsons” liars?

At one point, our traveler gets choked up about having to leave a close friend behind in the future – he also says he knows people won’t believe his story and he doesn’t blame them (ya’ think?). It’s not his “intention to deceive,” but claims we will have technology to time travel by 2028.

Let me do the math here, okay, if I’m blessed with good health, by the year 2028 I may be able to do time travel. What year do I visit? And where do I go? Oh man, it’s like going into a candy store and just picking one item. Ugh, I can’t decide! I need more time dude! Excellent! ~grace

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