By Grace Vasquez

I have never been a fan of diet sodas. Now that I think of it diet anything. I especially became suspicious of diet drinks or anything labeled “diet” when I learned the danger of aspartame. Well, apparently the diet soda industry is now trying to change their ingredients and flavors by switching to using Stevia which is better but there are still a list of reasons as to why diet pop is not good for the body.


So if you’re one of many hoping to make 2018 a healthy year first thing that has to go is your diet soda. It won’t be easy but here are some great reasons that may make it a little easier to kick that soda fix:

  • It causes bloating – Those bubbles might taste refreshing, but they’re not helping your belly. Turns out, drinking carbonated beverages regularly can cause bloating and discomfort. So skip the fizz and sip something like iced tea instead. I love to drink water with lemon and a bit of flavored coconut stevia that is yummy!
  • It can cause weight gain –  Oh yeah this one you can take to the bank, or scale. A study from the University of Texas Health Science Center found that folks who drink diet soda have a higher risk of becoming overweight. Even just a can or two a day can cause your waistline to get bigger!
  • It alters your body’s natural hunger hormones – Researchers from Palestine found that drinking diet soda increases the production of the hormone ghrelin, which regulates hunger cues. When ghrelin is higher, you feel hungrier, even if you don’t need to eat yet, and that can lead to overeating and weight gain. Is this not crazy? Here we are trying to lose weight drinking something we think will help and just makes us HUNGRY!
  • It can mess with your mood – Aspartame, a common ingredient in diet soda, can alter your mood. So if you’re a Diet Coke junkie and you feel cranky, upset, or angry for no reason at all, this could be why. I found my memory being affected in my 20’s and someone mentioned it was the aspartame in all my diet drinks and sugar. I stopped immediately!
  • It has serious effects on your health – Here’s a scary stat: research from the University of Miami shows drinking diet soda every day can make you 44% more likely to suffer a heart attack than those who never drink it. And a daily diet soda habit can make you much more susceptible to developing type 2 diabetes. Holy smokes if that doesn’t scare you into not drinking diet sodas any longer I don’t know what will.

I know recent reports say President Donald Trump drinks diet sodas all day, I don’t know if he does or not and given the fact he was just given a clean bill of health I’m going to hope he doesn’t. It has nothing to do with politics I wouldn’t want anyone to drink this toxic stuff. I hope this helps you and if you know someone who drinks diet soda, please pass this information. ~grace

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