By Grace Vasquez

Well you learn something every day. Today I learned a new word, phras, or verb: “micro cheating.”  What is micro cheating? Well that depends on who you ask.

While physical cheating is easy to define, emotional cheating or micro cheating is more of a grey area. And where it gets even murkier is whether “micro cheating” is even a bad thing at all. Isn’t in our human nature to flirt? Where is the line between being disloyal to your partner and having a life?


Now if you have to ask yourself, “Am I cheating?” then chances are you know you’re towing the line of what’s considered acceptable in a relationship. One old fashion way of determining if you’re cheating is, would you do it with your significant other watching you? And there’s your answer.

Men’s Health interviewed 30 year California therapist, Marty Klein, Ph.D., for some insight into why people cheat or micro cheat. Klein says many of his patients want to make marital sex as exciting as affair sex. His advice, “It isn’t a realistic comparison,” he says. But you can learn from cheaters. Treat your partner like a paramour: Prepare for sex (prioritize, visualize), be present (savor it), embrace novelty (break your normal routine), and make your partner feel attractive, desired, and excited.”

Men’s Health polled 1,600 men and 800 women about the subject and found that these activities can be considered “Micro cheating”:

  • Watching porn by yourself: 13% of women say it’s micro cheating; 6% of men agree
  • Watching a camgirl by yourself: 47% of women; 22% of men agree
  • Dinner with someone you’re attracted to: 62% of women; 43% of men agree
  • Having a work “spouse”: 33% of women; 29% of men agree
  • Keeping your dating profile: 83% of women; 68% of men agree
  • Sexting: 94% of women; 75% of men
  • Sending racy photos: 91% of women; 75% of men
  • Following an ex on social media: 15% of women; 15% of men agree

In all honesty, social media has made it way to easy to cross the line into that gray area of  “micro cheating.” Is it okay though? Well, that is totally up to the person dipping into that pool, that gray, murky pool. ~grace

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