By Grace Vasquez

So are you ready for some XFL football? I’m not sure.

I remember when the Orlando Rage was, pardon the pun, all the rage. I went to a game and I was horrified!

In 2001, the only season of the XFL, the wrestling guru WWE chairman Vince McMahon wanted a different kind of football. Boy, did we get it. In the stands we had women flashing and on the field the players would be injured and no one even seemed concerned. I’m no prude but this was not a “family environment”. I could only stomach one game.

Well now, seventeen years later, McMahon is resurrecting the XFL league but this time he promises a real sport and minus the wrestling involvement and gimmicks. Oh thank goodness. In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, McMahon said “We’re going to ask a lot of questions, and listen to players, coaches.  We’re going to listen to medical experts, technology executives, members of the medi and anyone else who understands and loves the game of football.”

Well so far so good right? Now, lets address the elephant in the room. Whether the NFL wants to admit it or not, the controversy over the kneeling of players during the National Anthem has caused a drop in ratings, viewers and over all fans, like myself, breaking away from the sport. Will the XFL fill the void for fans like me? We’ll have to wait and see. Right now, McMahon is saying all the right things including XFL players will stand for the anthem.

The new XFL is set to launch in 2020. Will Orlando bring back The Rage? Well, that is still up in the air but if McMahon can pull this off then the NFL has two years to fix what it broke, otherwise, I’m ready for some XFL football baby! ~grace

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